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    From ja.wikipedia

    ドラヴィダ語族(ドラヴィダごぞく、達羅毗荼語族、Dravida)は、主にドラヴィダ族の人々が使用する言語の語族 (ごぞく) であり、およそ26の言語が含まれる。ドラヴィダ語は、主として南インドとスリランカで話されているが、また、パキスタン、ネパール、そして東部及び中央インドの特定の地域でも話されている。 ドラヴィダ語族の話者人口は 2億人を越える。

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    From en.wikipedia

    The Dravidian family of languages includes approximately 85 languages,[1] spoken by around 200 million people. They are mainly spoken in southern India and parts of eastern and central India as well as in northeastern Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, and overseas in other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Among them Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are the members with the most speakers. There are also small groups of Dravidian-speaking scheduled tribes, who live beyond the mainstream communities. It is often speculated that Dravidian languages are native to India. Epigraphically the Dravidian languages have been attested since the 6th century BCE. Only one Dravidian Language, the Brahui language, is exclusively spoken outside India.

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